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La Casa Rosa is for Sale. If you are interested in buying a classic historical building please contact Christian G. Renz, Commercial, Industrial, Retail Agent at (408) 846-1031 or at Chris@RenzRenz.com.

Photo by Pat Wolk

Charlie Shockey - Owner/Manager

La Casa Rosa Restaurant first opened its doors in 1935. We serve luncheon only and are opened six days a week for your dining pleasure. (closed Tuesdays)
The La Casa Rosa mail order department offers you gourmet products such as Fresh Herb French Dressing and delicious preserves, rinds and homemade chutney. Our unique specialties are packed in a handsome pink gift box that you will be proud to present at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Easter, Birthday, Thank You or hostess gift - a reflection of your impeccable taste.

Discovery of the Month Reprint from "San Francisco" Magazine

La Casa Rosa - In 1858 a private home, opened as La Casa Rosa in 1935, Discovered by Holiday in 1961. The Pink House (it really is) has always been favored by the discerning. A simple gourmet luncheon from the original recipes, charming nostalgic surroundings, an open courtyard, and enticing food specialties to take along or have mailed. Charlie Shockey acquired from the family in 1973 and is happily following the founders precepts.

Serving a generous salad of local Lettuce and fresh herb dressing, local baked rolls, your choice of the Old California Casserole, New California Casserole, or Chicken Soufflé at $14.95. The Old California Casserole and the New California Casserole both have a corn based embodied with cheese and beef sauce, the only difference is that the Old California Casserole is made with sharp cheddar cheese where as the New California Casserole has Monterey Jack cheese and chopped green chilies. The Chicken Soufflé is heartier than its name, with batter bread topping. Desserts, a la carte. We suggest that for $6.75 you order a carafe Ash Blonde, a chilled aperitif wine blended two parts dry French and one part Italian filtered through charcoal - quite impressive. You are invited sample jams and chutneys from the wide assortment on the square grand piano.  

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