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 Charlie Shockey and Heather Lee Marshall

Photo by Juan Candelaria

Old California Casserole is corn based with sharp cheddar cheese and a red meat sauce.

New California Casserole is corn based with Monterey Jack cheese, mild green chillies, and a red meat sauce.  

Chicken Souffle is cubed chicken breast with orange zest in a mushroom cream sauce.

Seafood Souffle is crab, shrimp and scallops in a mushroom cream sauce and a fair amount of garlic. Please call for availability, (831) 623-4563.

All entrees are $15.95, include salad in a fresh herb French dressing and served with warm rolls.


Coffee, Decaf or Tea $2.50

Soft Drinks $2.50

Iced Tea & Mineral Water $2.50

Juice & Milk $2.50

Ash Blonde $8.75

Domestic Beer $4.00

Imported Beer $4.50

The La Casa Rosa offers a variety of fine wines that change seasonally.